Crossword Knowledge 7 - Greek mythology

In a previous week, we skirted Greece, visiting the Aegean sea and archipelagos. Now we sojourn in Greek mythology. 

In Homer's Odyssey, Penelope waits for the return of Odysseus, but on what does she wait for him?

Clue: Na niej czekała Penelopa na Odysa. - On it Penelope waits for Odysseus. 

All I could remember was that Penelope waited pretty damn patiently for his return - twenty years - remaining faithful to her husband and somehow using a ruse involving the protracted weaving of a shroud to put off would-be suitors. Exactly how weaving her father-in-law's shroud prevents courtship I am unsure of, but let's not dwell on that.  Odysseus is King of Ithaca, the island upon which Penelope waits for his return. 

Answer: Itaka.

More Greek mythology. This time names of the Gods. The God of War.  Mars to the Romans; Ares to the Greeks. 

Clue: Grecki bóg wojny. - Greek god of war. 

Answer: Ares. 

Clue: Hymn na cześć Apolla. - A hymn to Apollo. 

Answer: Pean. - Paean. 

A paean is a song of triumph, Paeon was also a byname for Apollo. 


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